Why you need to think before making a wish in 2021

Just as the New Year sets in, it brings in new hope, new dreams, new days and new ways. Also customary to think and reflect what the year was and what we wish in New Year.

So here are my top 4 wishes of 2020:

1. I was frantically flying overseas for work. In a month, I was 3 weeks in India and one /two weeks  on a long gruelling flight even before I could overcome my jetlag. Oh how I wished that this would end.

2. While back home, long hour’s for ever crawling traffic on Delhi ,it was like an endless journey with peak traffic crippling the normal life, honking and overtaking. My second wish now that oh God when can get a breather from this.

3. With my two children all grown up and my son who had been away from home for good seven years and my daughter was getting ready to start her college, the sudden realisation that our nest would be empty soon was giving me some discomfort , so came in third wish. Can it not be possible that we all once again like to old times stay together?

4. In my over busy life between work and home, I had so much dependency on the domestic help in various forms. It’s normal that when they take day off and when one has to rush to office , there is no one to complete the chores leaving me wishing for a way out. How I wish…

The one powerful spirit however has been watching us humans all the time and that how year on year we keep on wishing for more and more. “He” said here you go Lady – I grant all the wishes you made but in my own way.

1. In the first quarter of 2020, the pandemic started spreading its wings and proved to be the greatest leveller of our times.Like Honey I shrunk your Kids, the world was shrunk into different bubbles with no one dare to cross the borders. Air flights completely stopped. So my first wish granted, no long flights, stay where you are , in peace.

2.The second wish fulfilment was not far behind – came in the lockdown, the most spoken word in lexicon along with ,”social distancing” . So stay home ,beat the traffic, Work from home and use the technology the human race is talking about-Zoom all the way!

3. With the above two wishes granted, God again said the third wish is easy to fulfil. My son was back home as “WFH”, my daughter got into college which turned into “WFH”. The whole family stays together! The virus exposed the inpermanance and vulnerabilities of life and got the family together. Granting the third wish!

4. Last but not the least, with all three granted, the domestic help also needs to stay in their respective homes. So now, “DIY”, was the mantra.No more complaining of the maid, “He” said you are your own boss, so all happiness and wishes granted.

Ah, I am sure this has left you thinking too. You guessed it right in 2021, I am not going to make just any wish. What if that unknown power somewhere listens the way it did in 2020.

Let’s make a wish that we as humans appreciate what we have and make a step towards making  this Earth, this Universe a better place to live in. Lets take care of ourselves and those around us. Thank the valiant efforts of doctors and healthcare workers along with researchers of the world making a breakthrough in vaccine ,showcasing the resilience of human spirit. With our positivity, let’s heal the Corona Positive, absorb all the pain and emerge powerful.

So my four wishes for this year –Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay masked and stay strong!